Derek Scearce


It wasn’t until 2006 that I started taking pictures that meant something to me. Since then I have cultivated a photographic style that I like to call my own.

I’m always seeking better ways to do the things I do, and that has led to quite a lot of experimentation. I specialize in creating images that rely on altering the way the camera captures the photograph, and much of my work deals images that take place over a length of time.

As of May 2010, I’m backpacking around Europe, but I’m based in Atlanta GA, USA and my photography services are available worldwide. I’m proficient in multiple languages, and able to find my way around foreign airports and metros without any major difficulties.

I am beginning stray from a strictly fine art photographic perspective and have been shooting more commercial work, while still applying my experimental style in order to create images that are new, fresh, and different.

My work has appeared in books, magazines, galleries, blogs, websites, and annuals. I am also a filmmaker, and tend to gravitate toward working on independent films with quirky characters and thought provoking scripts.

Additional info upon request.